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Las Vegas is known for its carefree attitude towards adults enjoying themselves in an adult way. That’s why people come to Las Vegas; relax, have fun, and not be worried about restrictions that normally come with partying and drinking. One of our unique freedoms we enjoy in this town is our ability to walk around outside at a time of questionable sobriety with the open container in tow. New Orleans might be the only other place in the United States you can do this. I remember how I found out this is not the case anywhere else. I tried to step outside of a bar with an open beer in Providence, Rhode Island and almost got tackled as I attempted to walk out of the bar with the beer. Shortly after I was given a short lecture about how alcohol is only allowed in the bars and not walking around on the street and that the police would be called on me immediately. I couldn’t wait to get back home after that, especially when the bars have their last call at 2 a.m.

Open container and public intoxication laws are not a worry in most parts of Las Vegas. Tourists are encouraged to drink and be free in their travels (ON FOOT!) while enjoying this town. Locals understand how lucky we are to be able to do this. While drinking, partying, and degeneracy is heavily encouraged in Las Vegas there are a few restrictions tourists and locals must keep in mind to avoid having a ruined vacation. The obvious is no drinking and driving. Driving under the influence blood alcohol limit is similar to the rest of the country at 0.08%. Just a drink or two in an hour will put most people over this limit, so always be aware of what you take in. If you are on foot and not operating any heavy machinery you have the most freedom to enjoy yourself here than anywhere else in the country.

On the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street, the two most famous streets in the country, tourists and locals alike are able to walk out of any casino at any time of day, any day of the week with an open drink and hop from place to place consuming the drink without worry of breaking any laws. There are a few restrictions on having an open container in public though. On Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, the alcohol must have been purchased from a licensed vendor on Fremont Street, though no one is going to ask for your papers on where the beer originated. The alcohol cannot be in a glass or aluminum container, it can only be in a plastic cup which is normally handed out with the drink upon purchase or at the exit of most casinos. The Las Vegas Strip is slightly less restrictive, relatively speaking. On the Strip, visitors are able to consume alcohol from anywhere it is purchased. Aluminum containers are not allowed during certain events and glass is never allowed. Unfortunately, aluminum and glass containers have been used as weapons which led to the restrictions. Open containers are illegal and you will be fined if it is consumed within 1000 feet of where it was purchased, a school, church or synagogue, or at a bus stop. Other than that, you can drink bipedally anywhere.

Las Vegas is the town where adults come to enjoy themselves and get away from the restrictive laws that put a wet blanket on good times. The lax container laws, no 2 A.M. curfew, and being allowed to purchase alcohol 24/7 allow for fun to be had anywhere at any time in this town. It is on the individual to be responsible for their actions and avoid situations that will lead to legal repercussions. Disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, fighting, and a plethora of other laws still apply while enjoying yourself in Las Vegas. Driving under the influence of any intoxicant is highly illegal and you will be arrested immediately. Be responsible and mindful while enjoying the best city in the entire world.

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